Coast to the bay August 20 2017


Hi everyone, has anyone booked this tour, or planning to? I’m a solo traveller from South Australia, would love to hear from other travellers. :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m looking at this one too, I’m also a solo traveller, I’m from NSW :slight_smile: let me know if you’re still going!


Hey Grace,
Yep I’ve booked this tour, I’m from Whyalla SA.
I’m really excited, do you reckon you’ll stay after the tour ends? I’m planning on staying another 4 days so I can spend my birthday in LA. :slight_smile:


Hey there.
I’m going on this tour. Paid in full, ready n waiting!
Sydney :+1:t3:


How was the tour. I’ve just booked this tour for next year in April 2019 and can’t wait.

Did many stay after the trip ended?



Hi Matt,
The trip was amazing! Such a variety of different things to see.
After my tour many people already had things planned and some of the crew went on to Canada for another tour, so I caught up with my one other girl but we all mainly went our separate ways, but we still stay in touch with each other a year on.
We had such a great tour guide and bus driver, that they made even the bus days fun.
Hope you have a great time!


Sounds awesome, I can’t wait.

Only 8 months to wait. Least gives me plenty of time to arrange pre and post tour activities.

Did any of you chat before the tour eg like in a FB group?

I do imagine it will be ALOT of sitting in a bus but that sounds good they made it fun and you all just ain’t sitting there being bored.

Any tips for what to pack or not to pack?

If you ok and wanna we could chat on FB?


Yeah sure mate, my names keisha Milligan on Facebook, not sure how many Keisha’s there are, but if you type that and Port Augusta or something you should find me.

My best tip will be bring a blanket for the bus!! For some reason they have the bus so cold, we had someone else on her 9th tour with us too, and she said the buses are always cold.
oh and book for the Alcatraz early in San Fran, I didn’t even think to that and I wish I had gone.


Thanks. I’ve added you.

I do like the cold weather but not frozen cold.

I’ve heard Alcatraz can be booked out early so yeah when I see dates for it i’ll book.