Coast to the Bay Aug 20th 2018


Just booked up for this trip, anybody else joining??


Hi Luke,

I’ve just booked into this tour a few days ago with one of my friends, we had to change to this tour after our other one was cancelled.

Are you a solo traveller? Where are you from?

Looking forward to meeting you!


Hey Sofia,

Shame on your other trip but dont worry, looks like we will have a good group on this one.

Yeah im solo and this is my first solo trip, im from London myself, how about you?


Awesome! I’m from Adelaide in Australia :slight_smile:


You all excited. I’ve just book for the trip in April 2019.
I’m from Adelaide also sofiarose91.

Did any of you book to stay longer either staying before or after the tour?


Hey Matty_G,
Yeah my friend and I are in LA a few days before the tour and then a week after before heading home :slight_smile:


Awesome, I’m planning a few extra nights in LA before my tour and staying a few extra in San Fran at the end.

Any tips for the trip of things to do or not do?



Well this is my first trip to the states and I’m currently on my first top deck tour at the moment so I don’t really have any tips for the trip as such haha


Sorry I totally thought I was replying to another thread which went in 2017 haha. You must be excited to head over in the next week or so.

Did Topdeck set up a FB group for you all to chat before you all went over?