Coast to the Bay - 3rd July 2016



Who’s going on this trip :slight_smile:
It’s going to be my first overseas trip and I’m really excited! I’m from Sydney! Where are you all from? :smiley:


Im going on this trip! :smiley:
I’ll be in LA for a few days beforehand doing some fun things if you or anyone else is interested in joining! Currently planning to travel on my own.

Wooo Sydney! I’m from sydney too, there seems to be alot of aussies going on these US tours :slight_smile:


I’m so excited! I fly in on the Saturday the 2nd in the morning and I’m planning on going Venice beach and Santa Monica! Are you staying at pre night accomodation? :slight_smile:


Yeah for the night before I’ll be staying a couple blocks away from the Miyako Hotel where the tour kicks off from!

OMG we should totally go together! I definitely have to go to those beaches!!! Add me on facebook so we can organise to meet up on the day :slight_smile:


I think I added you haha I hope it was the right person HAHA my name is Allie Peta on Facebook


Hey there, ill be coming from perth. Should be a pretty awesome trip!


Awh yay another Aussie!!!


Are you guys getting in on the 2nd as well? you can add me on fb if you like Jacob Harnett


Yeah! I’m leaving today :slight_smile: so excited! I don’t know if it’s the right person I’ve found, it says something about doing photography is that you?


Yeah thats me :slight_smile: