Coast to the Bay (3rd Apr 2016)



My name is Craig and I have booked this trip and doing it solo. Thought I would see if anyone else has booked and already counting down the days like me. Travelling from Melbourne and spending a few days in NY before heading to LA.


Hey Craig!
I’m Jess from Central Queensland, traveling solo too.
It’s coming up quick! :slight_smile:


Hey Craig and Jess,
My names Georgie and I will be joining onto your trip from Vegas to San Fran!
I’m from melbourne, flying over on April 1st for some time in LA and New Orleans before the tour.


Not too far away now.

51 days until I’m in the US!

Looking forward to catching up with you both.


Is there a facebook group for this yet? I didn’t see one and just started one. Feel free to join and we can all get to know each other a little before the trip! Less than 2 months away!


Hey Georgie I am from Adelaide i am doing Vegas to Sanfran on those dates. We may be on the same trip :blush:
When do you arrive in Vegas?


Hi Katie,
I arrive in Vegas the day that the tour starts.
I am coming from a few days in LA and then New Orleans before hand.


Awesome woo I finally found someone haha. What is your facebook?


I know the feeling! A friend of mine from melbourne will also be travelling with me, his name is Chris. You can find me on facebook here:


Awesome I will be travelling with my BF.
Have you joined the top deck group for our trip ?



I have requested to join yes, awaiting some approval now!
Are you travelling around before/after the tour?


Ok cool, yeah flying to Miami for 4 nights then New York for 8. HBU?


LA for 4 nights, then New Orleans for 3 before the tour and then off to New York for 7 nights afterwards


omg its so close!


Bring on the holidays and California :sunglasses: