Coast to Coast starting 6th November 2016 NYC to LA


I’ve booked on the Coast to Coast starting 6th November finishing 29th November 2016; NYC to LA.
Just looking to see who else is booked in and where everyone is from. I’m from Adelaide South Australia. Will anyone be around NYC the week before the tour starts?


I am looking to book this trip myself. I currently live in Brisbane and will be travelling solo. I plan on flying in on the 4th, leaving L.A on the 30th


Oh great! Hope you go ahead with the booking. I for one am so excited!
I fly into NYC on the 30the Oct. Fly out LA on the 30 the Nov.


Yes, am planning on booking in a couple of months time! I’m very excited, this really is a dream come true for me!

I will be flying into nyc the 4th of November flying out the 30th from L.A

Have you done a topdeck trip before ?



Me and two friends have booked the School of Rock tour which is part of yours, starting in NY!
We are flying in on the 3rd to spend a few days in NY but would be great to meet up on the night of the 5th before the tour kicks off if anyones around!

Three girls from Ireland and actually just did a similar tour on the US West Coast over Christmas so can’t wait for the next adventure :slight_smile:



I’m so sorry I haven’t replied sooner!
That’s great you’re looking forward to it so much! I can not wait!
We’ll have to catch up before the tour starts or something :).
I haven’t done a top deck but have done a contiki around 5 years ago. Which was great so I’m definitely looking forward to the top deck!


Oh wow! So exciting!
Definitely keen to catch you guys and whoever on the 5th!
Where are you traveling from?


Hey guys! My bf and I have just booked this tour. We are flying over to Boston on the 28th October and will be around that area/New York till the tour starts. Apparently the meeting point is the Marrakech Hotel so we’ve booked at HI NYC hostel for the 5th November. :blush:


I can check with my travel agent if you like about the meeting spot?
Not long now!!


According to my paperwork that’s the right one but a confirmation for someone in the know would be great :blush:


Aha! Found you guys. I’m booked for School of Rock starting 6 November! :slight_smile:

I’ll be in the US from the 19th of October, exploring the lower East Coast for a bit and then heading back to New York on probably the fourth for the tour! A few things left to figure out, but the anticipation is killing me. Can’t wait!

:smiley: Michael


Awesome! Keep us updated and hopefully a few of us can catch up before!
Not log to go!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

I just paid my deposit on this tour!!

Is there a Facebook group yet?


Hi Michael!
Not long now :blush: Looking forward to meeting everyone


Hi folks - I’m the second of the irish girls! My name is Caoimhe (pronounced Key-va).

We are going to be in NYC a couple days before hand so we were thinking we could all grab some drinks on the Saturday night before the trip, get to know each other?

Not long now! :slight_smile:



Hi everyone!

Definitely keen to catch up with everyone around NYC before hand :smile:

So excited!!



Hey Guys,

I’m doing the Southern exposure tour which joins this tour until the end of New Orleans, then I fly to Miami instead of Lafayette :slight_smile:

I’m travelling solo but also doing a tour before hand.
I’m from Melbourne.

Not long to go now :slight_smile:



Hey Annie! I’m not sure but we should start one :blush:


Has anyone got the app yet? A Facebook page will be good if somebody wants to start it :blush: Will be fun to have a few drinks before we leave for the tour


Happy to start a group, I’ll call it 'Top Deck Coast to Coast 6th November 2016 NYC to LA.'
I’ve got the app :slight_smile: