Coast to Coast - NYC to LA (UHSTNL)


Hi all my names Kellie, I’m so excited to be doing this tour! Leaves NYC on 25th oct and was planning on going with my sister but she’s unable to come now so if there r any others flying solo and want a companion send me an email I’m pretty nervous about going by myself :confused: :slight_smile:


Hi Kellie,

I’m also doing this tour and going solo - this will be my third Topdeck tour and second on my own. I did Europe about 5 years ago with my best friend and we were both surprised by how many people were travelling on their own, but we made some awesome friends all over the world who I still keep in touch with and have got to visit some of them too! In 2011 I booked a last minute (2 weeks before I left) tour of New Zealand with Topdeck and almost everybody was travelling on their own. Both these tours were hostel level, whereas this trip is more hotels, and a previous boss of mine did a Topdeck hotel tour in Europe with her husband (they were both about 30 at the time) and had an absolute blast. Most people who come together actually don’t just stick together but instead mingle freely. Some of my best friends are people I’ve met on these tours and we always bond straight away - both times I have checked into the hostel the tour leaves from before the tour and had people sharing my room who were also on the same tour. It looks like everyone will be starting fresh from NYC on this one which is definitely the best way to do it! I’ve booked into the hotel the tour does a pick-up from, the Crowne Plaza Newark Airport, the night before, (I’m flying up from New Orleans on Oct 24th) so if anyone is staying there as well I’d love to meet up for dinner. Anyone can send me an email to or send me a message via facebook (same name) as I’m so excited about this trip!


Hi girls,

I haven’t signed up for the tour yet, but I’m seriously considering it! I’ll be travelling solo though and this would only be my second overseas trip (my first being only 5 days in Vanuatu), so I’m definitely a newbie when it comes to travelling and pretty nervous about committing to it. That being said, I really really want to do some travelling and this seems like an awesome tour! If anyone wants to chat to me (and convince me to do this, lol) my email is