Coast to Coast - NYC to LA 2nd - 21st August


Hey guys!

I’m really wanting to book this tour this year…have the travel bug bad!

Just wanting to see if there is anyone else interested in going on this tour from 2nd - 21st August and if anyone needs a travel buddy?

I will be going by myself (first trip solo…eeekkk), but would love someone to travel with from AUS!

Sarah :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah, I have booked the NY to LA trip in October and travelling alone. If you can wait till then, I will be looking for a buddy.



Hey Simon,

Sounds awesome…! Was keen to go in August, but if I can’t find a travel buddy by then, I would love to come with :slight_smile:


Hey Sarah, Yes I’m doing a round the world trip. I’m in europe for two months before the US, doing tours. It sounds like alot of people are solo on these tours. Should be fun!! :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah. Im booked to go on this trip too & am also going solo! Cant wait! :slight_smile:


Hey Guys!

I am going on this trip alone too! I am sure plenty of other people will be travelling alone. I did a Topdeck tour in Europe last year and a majority of the people were travelling solo!

Cant wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, my boyfriend Jimmy and I will be doing the October 13 trip also, we are from Townsville QLD and looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile: So excited!!!


Hey Guys,
I am planning on booking the NYC-LA trip from the 2nd of August too!

I am 18, on my GAP year and will be travelling Solo… a little nervous as i’m still young, but really want to go overseas and meet new people.

Would love to know of others travelling solo and doing a possible meet up in NY before the tour starts/spend some time in LA after? Would love to have a travel buddy for the trip!
Can’t Wait!