Coast to Coast (NYC-LA) 2nd September 2018


Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone else was travelling on the Coast to Coast leaving New York on the 2nd of September? :slight_smile: I am a solo traveller and would be good to get in touch before we go! :slight_smile:


Hey Emily! I’ll be on this trip and am also a solo traveller :blush:


Oh yay!! I’m a little bit nervous as I have never travelled alone tho!


Yeah that’s fair! Me too, but I guess a lot of people are solo travellers? It’ll be fun though! Have you been to North America before? :smile:


Yeah! :slight_smile: I’ve been over twice now, this will be my third time! Wbu?


Ahh that’s cool! I’ve been once before :slight_smile: so I’m excited to see a range of different places!


Yeah! I’m very excited!
Add me on Facebook and we can keep in contact till we go :grin: Emily Purkiss


Sounds good! Have sent you a request :smile: