Coast to coast NY to LA


I am now doing the coast to coast tour in October 2013 as my friend went in today and pulled out. any tips for traveling alone?


No problem to traveling alone.In the present time most of people are traveling alone.


Hey Bec, my boyfriend and I will also be on this trip, we are from Townsville QLD, and are doing a trip of a life time to the states, starting September. This little (big) adventure will finish off our holiday nicely, do not worry about being along :slight_smile:


Hey Bec! It’s highly likely that you won’t be the only one travelling alone on the tour and it’s a really good opportunity to meet new people.

Are you planning on spending time in NYC/LA before/after the tour? I’d recommend doing group day trips if you are. Again, good for meeting people and also ensures your safety. It’s really important to be careful when you’re by yourself - stick to well populated, tourist friendly areas.

I’ve travelled to the UK and Ireland on my own - it helps if you’re okay with your own company and don’t have any hang ups about going to the theatre/restaurants etc by yourself. I had books and an ipod with me for entertainment on trains/coaches/planes/ and at night.

Mostly, just make sure you enjoy your holiday and see everything you want to see. It’s a long way to travel and you don’t want to regret not doing something.