Coast to Coast Leaving NYC 26th Feb


Hey! My name is Ally and I am from the Hunter Valley, Australia. Just wondering if anyone would be keen on meeting before the tour? I will be staying in HI NYC hostel before the tour for a couple of nights to explore NYC!


Hi Ally!

I am not doing this specific tour, I’m doing the Road Trip USA which also starts in NYC the same day as your tour. If you wanted to, it would be cool to meet up as I’m also going to be in NYC before the tour starts. Would be good to meet another friendly Aussie face though!

Zoe :slight_smile:


Hey Zoe! That sounds fabulous
What dates will you be in NYC? And where abouts are you staying? So excited to explore x


Hi Ally!

I will be in NYC from the 23rd onwards and I will be staying at Amsterdam Court Hotel! I am yet to finalise that booking though!

Yeah I cannot wait either! :smiley:


Have you looked into hostels? I am staying at HI New York it’s meant to be the best in NY and it’s pretty cheap and also 400m from the place I need to get on my bus to leave - just a recommendation if you’re on a budget :slight_smile:


Yeah I have looked into the hostels, but the reason I chose a hotel was because of its location and also I get my own peace and quiet before I head off on the tour haha. But I will definitely think about it. Are you staying in a 4-bed dorm? where are you leaving from for your tour?



Oh and also, what date are you arriving in NYC?


I fly in on the 20th of Feb. I am staying in the 10 bed female dorm (it works out to be just below $50 aud per night). But peace and quiet would also be lovely, if I wasn’t travelling for 6 weeks I totally would have gone that option. Pickup point is Marrakech hotel, where is yours?


Hey Ally,

I’m doing the School of Rock trip which is essentially the first half of Coast to Coast so we will be together for the first 10 days or so.

I only get in to NY the day before the trip starts but it would be great to go out that night and explore. I’m staying at the Marrakech hotel so sounds like we’ll be close to each other.

A x


oh yeah nice, I just changed my accommodation to the Hostel :smiley: yeah my pick up point is also at the Marrakech Hotel! that’s so cool!


Ahh yay how exciting! Well let’s definitely arrange to do something and meet up - the hostel has really good reviews so I feel safe as it’s my first time in a hostel


Sweet would be good to organise something the night before!


Yeah sounds like a plan to me!