Coast to Coast - LA to NYC (UHSTLN)



I recently just finished the Spirit of Europe trip with Topdeck and It was fantastic! Now i am looking at doing the coast to coast in America. I just wanted to know if there was a pdf file for the optional’s you can do on the coast to coast trip? as there was one for the spirit of Europe and i could work out how much i would need to spend on them.


I was wondering the same thing!
And also it starts in LA and finishes in NY - surely there must be tours that include these two cities, or are people making their own plans?


hey this isn’t really helpful but my travel agent told me that they don’t have the information for us yet, so we might not get it until we are on the trip which is stupid coz i want to budget for them.


My mate and I are doing our own thing in LA and NYC.


Me and 2 of my friends are doing the LA to NYC tour starting on the 13th of July. We’ve got 10 nights in LA beforehand (so excietd for the 4th of July!) and then 5 nights in NYC after. Time needs to go just a wee bit faster, we want to go now haha


Stupid I phone lol
I’m doing the new orleans to NYC part of this tour and spending 3 nights in NYC at the end! Traveling solo so would love it if someone wouldn’t mind mE tagging along in NYC after the tour haha


Hi. My friend and I are going on this trip. Looking forward to it, cant wait!. We are both from southern New Zealand. Its good to see this thread get a few people comment that they are going. Looking forward to meeting you all.