Coast to Coast - LA to NY - Starts Oct 13


Hey guys!

Anyone else on this tour? Not long to go now!



Hey Megan!

I am on this one. First big trip solo so I am a bit nervous but also excited!

I am from Canberra, where are you from?




I’m from Perth, heading over with my best friend Kelly!

Are you in LA a few days before the tour? What’s your plans for after we finish up? :)))



I get to LA on 11th October, but I have 5 nights in NYC after the tour :slight_smile:
What are you guys doing pre and post tour?


Oh nice! We get in to LA on the 9th so have a few days to ourselves first, then finish up with 4 days in New York then head to Toronto for a couple of nights to see Niagra Falls! I can’t wait! :slight_smile:


That sounds amazing! It has come around so quickly!

Are you ladies staying at the Hotel where the tour starts?


No we’re staying at an AirBnb place not far from the Miyako though! So we’ll get to the hotel in the morning of the tour.

Are you doing most of the optional activities on the tour? Anything you’re looking forward to the most?


Yeah I think I will end up doing most of the optionals. I think New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago will be brilliant with the culture, Gracelands and Rock n Roll Museum! I have heard that the grand canyon is unbelievable and everyone I’ve spoken to recommends doing the helicopter ride!

I wonder how many people will be on the tour?

How old are you guys? I’m 29 :slight_smile:


I’m so keen for the helicopter ride in the grand canyon! It’ll be a once in a life time thing so definitely keen to do it!

I’m 30 and Kelly is 25!

Have you downloaded the topdeck app? There’s a group chat on there but only 1 other girl has replied! I’m curious to know how many will be on our tour, hopefully it’s not just all Aussies Hahahaha!


I did download the topdeck app, but I don’t think I have a booking number to login as I booked through a travel agent. Or maybe I just haven’t read my paperwork correctly! haha

5 weeks to go! It’s coming up so quickly!


Hi everyone!

I’m not doing this tour until December but would love to hear all about it as I’m sure you’ll be able to give us tips etc. is anyone willing to give me their email or something :smiley: It’s really hard as there aren’t many reviews online for this tour.

I’m sure you’ll all have an amazing time!!!strong text


Hi all,

Georgia and I are on the first half of this tour. We’re both from Perth too (although I live in Melbourne now). Looking forward to meeting y’all!

Not long to go, so excited!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey guys,

I’ll be one this one with y’all! First solo Topdeck but I’m super excited :slight_smile:


Hey Shannon,

I’m from Canberra too and this is also my first big solo trip :joy: …what are the odds!

Can’t wait!


Hey girls!!

Looking forward to meeting you all, not long to go now!

2 weeks today til Kelly and I head over to the states!

Can’t wait! :grinning:


Oh awesome Erica! Good to have another 'berran on the tour :slight_smile:

Could be a girls only bus by the looks of it so far! hahaha


Haha awesome!! Where abouts in Canberra are you?!

Hahaha I feel like the girls could possibly outweigh the boys maybe😂


Well technically I live on the dark side, just over the border in NSW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ohhh noooo! Nah hahahah close enough! Will be good to have a local with me on the tour :slight_smile:


Hi all,
Myself and my mate Luke will also be on this tour, we are both from Sydney! Not long now…