Coast to Coast (from LA - NY) 30th Dec 2016 - 22nd Jan 2017


Anyone else booked on this trip?


Boooooo! Lol


Hi Sophia, my partner and I have booked this trip. Can’t wait! Are you traveling solo?


hi Jakub,

yay! finally someone!

Yes at the moment solo, but may be joined by a friend is she gets herself organised!

do you guys have Facebook??



Awesome! Yes we do have Facebook :smile: Where are you from?


Me and my sister are booked on this one :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️


yay awesome! have you downloaded the app? theres a group chat on there!

also a FB group called “Topdeck USA 2016/2017” just ask to join and i’ll add you.

I’m from Perth, Australia!



I haven’t been able to get the app to work unfortunately. I haven’t tried for a while though. I’ll have another go. We are from just south of Perth! Haha.


yeh its a bit dodgy.

I’ve been using the Fb group a bit, were not all going on the same trip but its helpful to know some info and places where people are going…

woo cool, I’m in the south west of perth too…


Haha your probably just down the road! Yer I have joined the group on Facebook, I will get Claud to join as well. Have you booked flights? Planning to get there early?


haha yes, I’m all booked!! yay!

Im in busselton, (and claudia’s a photographer?? so am i!! - we will have the best holiday snaps!!!)

I’m leaving perth on the 11th december i think then heading to vancouver then seattle for christmas.
then in LA for 4 days before tour leaves! (hoping to fit in universal studios and disneyland!)
so exciting!!


Haha yes she is! Claudia loves her photography so you guys will get along great. She never stops talking about it. That sounds awesome. Are you concerned about the cold? I have never seen snow before so I am pretty keen. We are planning to fly out Christmas night or Boxing Day (fingers crossed). That will give us a few days in LA. We also want to do a week or so looking around New York and parts of Florida after the tour.


sounds awesome! have created another FB group as the other one has lots of people doing different tours.
Theres 5 people so far!

Ive never seen snow either, which will be different!
where are you both staying in LA?

Ill be in NY until the 24th so if you guys are keen we could hang!


Yes I joined the group :smile: Cheers. We haven’t even booked flights yet let alone a hotel haha! Probably should get organised. I am not too concerned at this stage but it won’t be long before we get it all sorted.


Hey Guys, me and my partner have booked this one too. We’re from Kalgoorlie!


hi mark,


this is the link to the new FB page, if you have FB?
if you ask to join i’ll add you!



Hey! Im just waiting on confirmation about annual leave but almost 99.98% sure I’ll be with you guys! yay! :grinning:
Also flying solo. Is anyone else excited for NYE in Las Vegas? bit scared about being there solo for the first time but also pretty pumped!


Hi all! I’m Cassie from Melb travelling solo on this trip. Cant wait for NYE in Las Vegas!


Hey ,I’m Matt from Melbourne will be on the road trip tour which is with coast to coast for the first couple weeks


Hi all :slight_smile: im Shell. My partner and I are on this too. We are from Sydney! cant wait!