Coast to Coast (ex NYC) 9th October - 1st November 2016



Anyone else doing this trip? I am doing it solo. I’m 25yo Australian currently living in London. Will be mid way a 3 month trip when I start this one across USA (on my way home to Australia). :grin: :grin:


Hey Larissa, I am doing the road trip tour leaving on the 9th, it looks like we will join up tours from New Orleans to LA. The first part of your tour you will be with the School of rock tour they have a face book page going if you want to meet some of your fellow bus mates. Amy has posted on the forum under School of rock 9th October departure ex ny. When are you getting into New York? Sounds like a huge trip definitely the long way back to Oz, take care… Lucan


Hi Lucan!

Definitely have a good mix of people on this trip then! I will check out Amy’s post for sure. I get to New York on 5th October for a little look around. It is going to be a very big trip, but worth while. Where are you from?


Hey Larissa,

Yeah looking like a few aussies but will be good, I also get into New York on the 5th I am hoping to get a heap of sight seeing in. I have only organised a tour of the statue of liberty and 9/11 tour on the 6th I have been going through viator for tours and seeing things to do. I am based in Kalgoorlie WA at the moment but have lived in a few different places. What made you move to the UK? working holiday? anyway have a good one…


Hey Larissa - Im Kate, 34 year old Aussie doing the same tour and will also be arriving in New York on the 5th of October alone! Lets hang out! lol