Coast to coast ex nyc 23rd Jan anyone?


Any one doing this trip?


Yes! I am doing this trip, arriving in New York on the 20th January :slight_smile:


I’m in New York from the 16th! Are you staying at the pick up location?


Yes, staying at the same hotel prior to the tour! Where are you travelling from?


Awesome! I’m from New Zealand but I’ve been leaving in Orlando since August just doing this before heading home. How about you?


Oh that’s so cool :slight_smile: I’m from Australia


Awesome! Do you know anyone else doing the trip? I’m staying at the same hotel from the 20th I think it is :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile: no don’t know anyone else, just me! I also arrive at the hotel on the 20th I think.


That’s cool! If you wanted and after you’ve gotten over your jetlag, we could meet?!


Hey! sorry for the late communication! I’ve been having crazy internet issues… I guess we’ll be meeting up tomorrow morning anyway with the rest of the group!


No problem at all! See you in a few hours :slight_smile:


Yes I’m also interested for doing this trip.