Coast to Coast ex NYC 18 Sept 2016


First big trip being a solo traveller coming from New Zealand. Who else is doing this trip???!!!


Hey, we’re a group of 4 also heading over from NZ for this trip!


Oh that’s Awesome!! Where in NZ you flying out from? I’m going over 4 days before the trip departs. Going to be staying at Top Decks pre trip accommodation.


We depart Auckland on the 15th September ! Haven’t booked our pre trip accom yet, but we were looking at going with Airbnb, how much is the top deck accomodation? I didn’t even think to look it up.


Hi, I’ve just booked this trip as well! I’m a solo traveler from Melbourne. Have you found any good Airbnb accommodation Corrina? I’ve booked the pre trip accommodation on the Sat night before we meet the tour but it’s so expensive I can’t afford to stay more then 1 night there!!!


we’ve booked our air bnb accom now its costing us $400NZD a night roughly for the 4 of us, staying in Harlem.


Exciting. 9 weeks til it all starts


Change of plans, were now staying in Hells kitchen which is better! So excited


We need to make a Facebook page for our trip so we can meet everyone


Hey guys, follow link for facebook group.