Coast to Coast Ex NYC 14th November 2017


Hi All! Anyone else booked on this trip?
I am a 23 year old solo traveller from Australia! It will be my first solo trip and also my first topdeck tour.
I am going to be in NYC for 3 days prior to the tour starting and would be keen to meet up with anyone around before the tour starts!
Getting so excited for the trip!


Hi, I have also booked this trip! I am a 21 year old solo traveller from Queensland, and this is also my first solo trip. I will be in NYC for a week before the tour starts.


Hi Amanda! So sorry i didnt see your reply!
If you would be interested it would be great to meet up before the tour in New York and sightsee/get a drink!


That sounds great! I haven’t made any plans yet, so I’ll be free any time


Hi All, just booked this trip 23 solo traveller from Sydney. heading to Vancouver for a week after the tour ends. I arrive in new York on the 11th of Nov keen to meet people and explore.


Hey Amanda, do you want to add me on facebook so that we can arrange to meet up? Can’t believe how quickly the trip has come around! So excited!


What’s your name on facebook so I can add you?


It’s Allison Johnson :slight_smile:


Hey sorry I haven’t been able to find you! Do you want to add me, I should be easier to find? Or you could download the topdeck app and message me through there. Several other people from our tour are on it :slight_smile: