Coast to Coast (ex NY) November 27th 2016


Hey, just wondering if anyone else was booked on this trip? :slight_smile:


Do you mean the Road Trip USA Ex NYC on the 27th of November? Coz that’s the only one that leaves on that day. I’m on this trip and I don’t know anyone on it so it’ll be great if you are!!!


Hey :slight_smile: nah the coast to coast trip leaves on the same day from NYC and ends on the same day in LA but it’s a bit different (no Florida stops). Would have been great if it was the same :slight_smile:


yeah it would have been nice to know someone else on the tour!!! oh well, someone will come on it eventually!


Hi! I’m doing this trip! When are you arriving in New York?


Hey! That’s so awesome :slight_smile: my friend and I will be headed to NY on the 23rd of November :slight_smile: how about you?


I’m arriving on the 24th, have you got any thanksgiving plans?


No not yet! We were thinking of using the day to see some sites that might not be so crowed :slight_smile: and we were hoping to have a really cool thanksgiving dinner if we could find somewhere :slight_smile: how about you?


I don’t fly in until late afternoon but I’d really like to do something cool for dinner as well. I’m travelling solo though so if you make plans maybe I could join? :slight_smile:
I found this link and thought it could help find somewhere!


Yeah for sure!! It would be so fun :slight_smile: We’ve been sifting through that link too haha it’s so hard to choose though! We might look through it tomorrow night :slight_smile:


Great! I looked through them as well but I have no idea either! :slight_smile:


There’s so many options, not sure if booking is the better option or just finding some place when we’re there :slight_smile:


Yeah so many! It’ll be good either way! :slight_smile:


Hey! Would be great to get in touch before the trip! Would still love to do something on thanksgiving so i’m not on my own. Add me on Facebook if you’d like- Rachel Vick :smile:


Hey! Sorry just landed in San Fran! Been a crazy 24 hours!

I tried to add you on fb I think! There were a few people with the same name so I hope it’s you! Haha