Coast to Coast (ex NY) May 15th 2016


Hey, Any one else booked for this trip?. Only 3 months to go!!! :heart_eyes:


Hey Hayley, I’m booked in for the School of Rock tour. I’ll be joining you up until the New Orleans. Will also be spending a week in NY before the tour. Looking forward to it!



That sounds awesome! Where are you staying when you spend a week in New Your?


Travelling solo so I’m actually doing a 3 day contiki tour in NY and then also having some time to myself. Haven’t fully organised my accomodation in NY yet but looking into the pre and post options that topdeck and contiki provide.

How about yourself? Planning on doing any extra time in NY?


Hi Hayley,
I am going on this trip as well, I am so excited! Where are you from?


Hi Jason,
What are you doing during the 3 day Contiki in New York? As I am in New York for a week prior to the trip.


Hey Emilee,
The Contiki tour I’m doing is called the New York Uncovered ( It basically shows you around the city and takes you to sites like Rockefeller Centre, Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building.

Where abouts in New York are you staying?


I’ve booked in for that tour as well, how exciting. I am staying in Manhattan. I am staying at the holiday inn which is where our Contiki is staying. Where are you staying?


Oh how awesome is that! I’m also booked into the holiday inn for a couple of days before the Contiki tour. Arrive on the 8th. After that tour I then move to the Marrakech Hotel which is in the Upper West Side. This is where the Topdeck tour meets at.

Where are you travelling from?


I also arrive on the 8th! I didn’t even look where we were starting from. I haven’t got any accomodation in between Contiki and Topdeck yet. Maybe I should do that. I am coming from Orlando. I spend 1 week in Daytonna, 1 week in Miami and then 1 week in Orlando but I live in Australia. What about you?


Oh wow sounds like you have an amazing trip booked. I live in Brisbane. Where in Aus do you live?


It is going to be pretty amazing! I live in Townsville.

Are you just doing NY prior? Or other places as well?


Hey, Im in Wa :slight_smile:


Oh awesome, all three of us are from Oz. Are you doing any other travelling prior or post our tour?


I have a week prior to the tour in NY. I haven’t booked anything to do more of just see where the day takes me :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, same as me. There is so much I want to do, but I’ll just see how much time I will have :slight_smile: Where are you staying in NY?


I’m only doing the school of rock tour so will finish up in the New Orleans. From there I’m going to Las Vegas for a few nights then spending a couple in Los Angeles. Getting closer!!


Hey there Hayley jahbris and Emilee. Im on this tour as well from NY. Arriving in NY a few days early to explore…90 days to go til tour…from Sunshine Coast qld…


What is the School of Rock tour? That sounds awesome! Yeah only 90 days :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,
I think we spoke on the app.

What is everyone thoughts on drinking on this trip? I wanna drink but do not want to waste time having a hangover. Has anyone else had experience with Topdeck? I’ve heard good and bad reviews.