Coast to Coast ex NY 2016 (August 21 - September 13)



Anyone else doing this tour? Fingers crossed I’m not alone haha



Hi!!! I’m also on that tour :smiley:


Yay - that’s awesome!
I’m getting pretty excited about it :grin:


Me too, it will be my first solo trip so i’m a little nervous too, i’m from colombia what about you?


Same here, but the excitement outweighs the nervousness haha
Australia :smile:


:laughing: do you have any pre/post trip plans?


Yep. I’m staying in New York a few days before and LA a few days after the trip finishes but haven’t decided on the things I want to do yet. How about yourself?


I’ll arrive on the 19th and stay in the hi ny hostel which is just a block away from the tour starts, I’m planning in taking the city sightseeing bus because it cover a lot of ground and in LA I’m staying in the hi santa monica hostel for one night and I think I’m going to universal studios.


Hiii! I’m on this tour as well, yay :smile:




Hey guys,
I am a solo traveller booked on this tour :blush: Not long to go now! I am 27 and from Brisbane, how old are you all?

Also, for those staying in NYC a few nights before the tour commences, it would be great to catch up for a drink if anyone is keen? :+1:

Looking forward to meeting you all.


I’m 23 and it would be nice to meet you before the trip :blush:


Hi! My friend and I are on this tour also!! We are both 21 from Perth :grinning:


Fantastic. Where abouts are you guys staying before the tour?

I’ll try and find a good bar that is convenient for us all :grin:


I only get into New York on the 17th and I’m staying in the upper west side right near Central Park for my first 2 nights and then going down a bit furher for my third night and then coming back up to be close to where the tour is departing from! Where abouts will you be? :slight_smile:


Hey sorry we are staying at the HI hostel :slight_smile:


Laura I’m staying there too from the 19th :grinning:


Guys I’m Cat from Australia too!
Also staying in the Hi NYC hostel from this Wednesday the 17th!! Sorry late to the game ahah but looking forward to it!


Hey guys, not sure if any of you guys will check this but my friend and I are at the hi nyc hostel too
If you want to catch up during the day or at night let us know! :grin:


I think I’m the only one that’s not staying there haha. Can’t wait to meet everybody!