Coast to Coast (EX LA) 3rd November - 26th November 2016


Just booked into this trip and was wondering who else will be joining? I’m going to be solo so it would be nice to meet up with people before it starts in LA! I arrive in LA on the 1st of November. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! :slight_smile:

  • Bridgette


Hi Bridgette, I’m also gonna be doing this trip solo!
Booked a few months ago! Was afraid I’d be the only one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’ll be in LA from the 20th of Oct so a catch up before the tour is a must!!
So where abouts are you from? :blush:


Hey Jonathan, good to hear from you!
Yeah, thankfully I’m not the only one! haha. I’m a 21 year old uni student from Geelong :slight_smile: what about you?


Yeah I was starting to think it would be just me with the tour leader and bus driver!
Well I’m 26 but while I’m in LA before the tour I have my birthday so will be 27
I work in civil construction in the northern suburbs of Melbourne!
This the first trip you’ve been on?


That’s good timing then! I’ll be 22 by the time the trip rolls around :slight_smile:
Its my first Topdeck but not my first time overseas, I’ve just been on the typical family holidays to South-East Asia and a school trip to Italy! Is this your first trip?


Well I’ve always wanted to do halloween and my birthday is the 28th of Oct so thought I’d go for both, plus have a mate that live in LA so thats who I’m staying with while there!
That’s alright! The school trip to Italy would of been awesome!
I’ve done a 2 week cruise around the pacific. I did two month in Europe back in 2014 where I did a topdeck tour there and then went back to Italy for another 2 and a half weeks
I had such a great time on the tour and hoping this one will be just as good!!

What are the plans for after the tour? Gonna be in America for a bit longer?


American Halloween would be crazy!
I learnt Italian for like 13 years at school so I thought I should put it to good use (but I am in no way fluent now haha)

I’m going to be staying with my brother who lives in New York for a few weeks afterwards, then fly back to Australia. What about you?


Yeah should be pretty awesome!
I kinda want to go around trick or treating but might be a tad to old for that Hahaha

Ohh awesome!!
How long has your brother been in New York for?
I’ve got 5 nights in NY then a week in Miami then a week in Ottawa (staying with friends again) then 5 nights in Vancouver, one more day in LA before flying back home!


Bridgette have you downloaded the topdeck app??