Coast to Coast (ex LA) 28th July 2016


Hi all! Who else is headed on this trip?! My Roomie Liz and I are so excited, first America trip! We are from Perth :slight_smile:


Hey! I’ll be on this trip too I’m so excited!! I’m from Sydney :smile:
When are you arriving in LA?


Hi Stef, oh I love Sydney! We arrive in LA on the 26, staying at the Miyako hotel. How about you? Not long now, can’t wait to meet you and the rest of the trip!


Hi Kelly & Stef, I’m from Sydney and will also be arriving 26th & staying at Miyako Hotel… Looking forward to my first overseas trip and on my own… eeeekkkk :grinning:


I’m traveling by myself too Angela!! I’m arriving on the 27th and il be stay at Miyako :smile:
I literally am so excited I can’t wait!!!


Hey guys, I’m from the UK. I’ll be in LA from the 24th, but staying in a hostel on the walk of fame for 4 nights before the trip. Maybe a few of us could meet up the evening before we depart or something?


@Stef_ yay a fellow Sydders travelling on their own… @sprout973hotmail_com I think that is a good suggestion to meet up before we depart. Just a question if everybody doesn’t take offence how old are you all? I’m 33 but don’t let my age fool you as 30’s are the new 20’s…lol Just good to know the age range of fellow tourists. I got the Topdeck app last night which has a tour chat function within it suggest downloading the app. only 131 sleeps to go!!! (until I depart for LA, anyway)


Hey I’m Ash my boyfriend Steve and I are leaving Melbourne on the 23rd July we’ll have five nights around LA before the tour. We are mid 20’s. What’s everyone’s plans after the tour?


Hey guys, I’m 28. Afterwards I’m booked into the NYC YMCA by Central Park for 3 nights before flying back to Manchester from Boston on the 24th.


All this talk is making me so excited! Haha
I’m 26. I’m leaving the tour in Washington because I have to head to Hawaii for my sisters birthday then probably doing New York after that! :smiley:


Hi all! Great to see we have some more on our crew. Will be keen to meet up in LA before the tour if any one would like. I’m 27 and my friend Liz is 28, a good mix of ages will make a great group dynamic :blush: I have the app with chat yet it’s a lil glitchy! So excited to meet you all!


Depending whether we can get tickets - Metallica have just announced a show in Minneapolis on Aug 20th- so if we do we’ll be leaving in Washington. We’re going back to Vegas the second week of September before we come home :smile:


I have the app as well but none of you guys are in my group chat on there? Lol


Hey, I’m Bronwyn and I’ll be on this trip with a friend, we’re from Melbourne!
We’re staying in NYC for about 6 days post the tour.

I think meeting up the night before we head out would be a great idea! We’re staying at the Miyako the night before as well. :grinning: Very excited!


Yeah I’ve only got ang and Peter on my chat on the app - weird I don’t know how it works! Well I’m booking us to stay at the miyako the night before too then!


Maybe we should start a Facebook group. It might be easier to get everyone together lol


Hi all! Great idea on the Facebook group, if any one would like to join to chat easier I created a closed group (to avoid spam) called Topdeck Coast to Coast Crew (ex LA 28th July)
Hope to chat to you all on there :slight_smile:


Lol I’m so not tech savvy I couldn’t find the group on Facebook! Can you please add me into it?! Haha X
Stefanie Vertellini


I can’t seem to find the group on FB. Can you add me in too please. I’ll message on the group chat too. :grinning:

#20 link to the facebook group for our tour