Coast to Coast (ex LA) 19th December - 13th January


Hey lads and ladetts, Me and 2 mates have put our deposit down for this tour. who else is ready to live the dream?


Yessss! Let the countdown begin, sir. Six months now. :heart_eyes:


Booked in for this a couple of months back. Super KEEN for NYE in NOLA. We were thinking about going to sugar bowl NYD its a huge football game. Where you guys from?


Hey guys! Yesss Super Bowl on NYD is a must! Is there definitely a game on where we will be? I don’t know much about it. I’m from Perth, how about you?


That sounds like an epic way to recover on NYD! I’m originally from Wagga Wagga (Western NSW), but currently living next door to Canberra for work. :slight_smile:


Yeah the NYD game is on in NOLA its called the sugar bowl, no tickets out as yet. I am located in Bendigo, Victoria. Super pumped this is just over 4 months away :slight_smile: