Coast to Coast ex LA 13th July 2017


Hey all my names Lauren!
I’m doing the Coast to Coast ex LA on 13th July 2017
First solo trip from Victoria
Just wondering who else is booked on this trip!
Cheers :slight_smile:


Can you send me details of the trip?


Hey yeh sure the link is down below :slight_smile:


Hi Lauren,
My understanding with your tour is that in New Orleans my tour joins yours. My tour starts on the 27th July in New Orleans then we go through to NYC.This is my first time to the States, but I am a return traveller with Topdeck. I have done a Topdeck tour around Europe.
I am from Adelaide.
I land in New Orleans on the 25th. I am also staying in NYC from the 7th-12th. Always good to meet up with tour people after the trip to do the sites together. Otherwise all your photos are selfies.


Hi Matt!!
Yes that sounds about right not sure how it all works with tours joining but I’m defiantly in New Orleans that date so I’m sure that’s correct :smile:
Can’t believe it’s already coming around so quickly starting to get excited now!!
How old are you??


heya lauren,
yeah I just jumped onto this trip as well for a random 30th birthday celebration…


Hey Lauren, topdeck have confirmed to me I’m joining your tour in new Orleans. I’ll be at the same hotel the whole time your there however I don’t officially join you until the 27th. I am 25. Pretty excited for this trip!


Hey!! What a way to celebrate your 30th birthday!
Where abouts are you from??

Hi Matt!!
Unreal!! Yeh I’m starting to get excited now it’s getting closer! I’m also 25 :grinning:


yeah hopefully gets me out of winter at home!, from perth WA… sorry poor performance on the reply not sure on how to use this, am looking at maybe splitting from the tour early and heading back to vegas for my 30th on the 4th of august instead of having it in charlotte


All good! Yeh I find it abit trickey to haha!!
Yeh I cannot wait to see some sun you are talking to the Victorian here i haven’t taken off my coat for a month :joy::joy:
Ohh that sounds like good fun! Can’t believe it’s under a week to go now I’m getting keen! When do you fly in??


Well that one worked! I’m learning

Haha yes true, perths winter is depressing enough for me! Lucky enough I’m at work ATM and it’s warmer climate! Yeah it’s come around fast! I actually don’t join the tour until vegas! So miss like the first day I think! Hey did you want to drop me a line on the Facebook makes it easier josh carty is me


It is not the easiest of forums.
You guys must be getting pretty excited with your tour starting next week. I still have another 2.5 weeks of work before I board that Plane! Hope the first half of you trip is great. Look forward to meeting you all on the 27th.


Okay some Iv done some major stalking turns out there is a few josh cartys’s haha I think I found you??? My work is like an igloo :joy: Ohh very nice!!

Not long to go Matt! The last weeks fly bye!! Super excited can’t wait!!


Matt what’s your full name I’ll give you an add also :slight_smile:


Matt Shilling is me. Unless we have mutual friends you may not be able to add me. Whats your full name?


Okay sounds good Lauren Abbey!