Coast to Coast ex L.A 7 July 2016


Hey anyone else booked on this trip? So excited!


Hey @laura2390 - we are on at that tour as well!! :slight_smile: there are 4 in our group - are you solo? So excited! :slight_smile:


I am solo :blush: First big trip overseas and I’m doing it by myself!


How exciting! At least you know one other person haha where are you from? We are all Aussie (from Canberra)


Christchurch in NZ :blush: What date do you arrive in LA? I get there on the 4th so a few days to explore


We are in Hawaii from the 30th of June then fly over to LA the night before - we have a week in LA at the very end of our trip :smile:


Cool! That sounds like an amazing trip!


We’ll have to catch up for a drink the night before! have you downloaded the top deck app yet?


Haven’t got th app, topdeck told me it was only for Europe trips?


Typical Keets, always organising drinks :joy:
The app definitely works for our trip :slight_smile:

Big plans for the 4th of July?


Haha, not really just thought it would be awesome to be there for 4th July I don’t know anyone there so will probably be the loner at a bar somewhere :joy:


Regardless 4th of July in LA would be pretty amazing!


Hopefully! :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

I’m thinking of booking the trip. I’m actually currently booked on a Europe trip but my friend has pulled out! So I was thinking of changing to this trip instead :smile: (bit of a drastic change). I’m from Tassie and still trying to convince myself to travel alone!! I’m from Tassie in Australia!


Traveling alone wont be too bad because on the tour you meet heaps of people, i did Europe and Keets has done it, you make so many friends. I am sure this America tour will be the same :grinning:


Do it! I’m travelling alone so you won’t be all by yourself


I’m leading to doing it! I’m a nervous on planes! Going to have a little think over the weekend and I might just book some flights next week :slight_smile:


I’m a bit nervous too, longest flight I’ve been on is from Christchurch to Gold Coast so 3 hoursish? I’m also arriving 3 days before the tour starts and exploring LA on my own so I’m very nervous! But sooo excited :blush:


Okay, I’m not the only one haha. I travelled to Egypt earlier last year and I think that kind of scared me a bit from travelling because it was a bit intense over there! I’m seeing if I can change the leave at work :slight_smile: i’m sure i’ll love it when i’m there!


I bet you will! Have you been to America before?