Coast to Coast 31st July - 23rd August 2016 (ex. New York)


Hi everyone,

I am planning on going on this trip in the summer. It would be lovely to chat to anyone else that is doing the same.

Jessica xxx :grin:



I’m doing the same trip! I’m Aussie but have been living gin London for 2 years. I do loads of tours on my own. can’t wait! I’ve been watching man vs food for restaurant ideas in the south.

My brother is a travel agent and is doing the same tour a few months earlier so it must be good!


I’m so pleased someone else is actually doing my trip! :joy: I was beginning to imagine just me sat on a big bus by myself! Have you downloaded the Topdeck app? It’s got a group chat on there.

I love man vs food (mainly because I like eating). I got my trip confirmation through today - so excited! This is the first trip I’ve done by myself. How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking!




Booked this trip last week! Can’t wait!

Is anyone going to be staying in NYC a few days before we set off? I downloaded the Topdeck app but cant see anyone in chat…




I’ve downloaded the app too and nobody seems to be on it for me either!

My flight out to New York is on the 28th so will be there for 3 nights before the tour starts :slight_smile:️ Haven’t booked anywhere to stay as yet.

Jess x


Hi Jess,

Awesome! :slight_smile:

I’m flying from London to New York a few days earlier and hopefully staying around in LA a few days after too!

I think it will be really good trip, looking forward to travelling through Nashville and Memphis - A few people I’ve spoken to have said its pretty fun around their.



Hi all,

Have you booked anywhere for LA/NYC yet? I am flying to NYC on the 28th July and leaving LA on 26th August.



Hey :slight_smile:
I booked this trip last week so excited. I’m travelling alone and haven’t booked any accommodation in NY or LA yet has anyone else? I can’t wait to go!




I’ve started a facebook group for our tour if you wanted to join?

Search ‘Coast to coast topdeck tour 31st July - 23rd August’

Jess xx