Coast to Coast - 2nd Feb 2017 - Ex Los Angeles


Hey guys can’t wait to connect with everyone who is doing the coast to coast trip in Feb!!!

Where is everyone from? And what is everyone looking forward to?

I am Josh from Newcastle, Australia and I am really excited for Nashville and Memphis!!!


Hey! My name is Laurina, I’m doing this trip in Feb too! I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’m looking forward to Vegas, New Orleans and Nashville!


This is so exciting!!! We should start a facebook group to get connected


Hi I’m Harry and I will also be on this trip


Hey Harry!

You should jump on the app and get in the group chat! 4 of us are planning to meet up on like the 31st or the 1st for dinner in Los Angeles and get acquainted! Would love to have you join us!


Laurina! A few of us are getting together in LA before we leave to get acquainted you should totally join us!