Coast to Coast 21st April 2016 L.A- NewYork


Just Wondering who will be joining me on this TRIP!!!
Coast to Coast 21st of April L.A- NewYork


Do you mean April 21st? I am on the coast to coast from LA to NY April 21 :slight_smile:


Hey :smiley: Whoops … Thats What I meant :smiley: Forgot I’m arriving two days early :stuck_out_tongue:


I am getting in on the 20th :slight_smile:
I am travelling solo to do the tour before meeting up a friend in NY and staying on another 10 days after the tour ends. Pretty nervous but also excited. Where a abouts are you travelling from? I am from Melbourne



Hey Thats Great
This is my first time travelling solo!!! I’ll be only 19teen when I travel :smiley:
I’m from Sydney !!! Cant Wait to go!!! Im spending two days in LA before the Tour and I have booked a Week after in NYC, however I might shorten that and go another time with a friend ( So I can stay longer and split the hotel cost). :smiley:
HEY you should add me on Facebook :smiley: we can get to know each other more !!! So at least we know each other before the tour hahahaha xx


New york is so expensive, definitely helps to split costs! There are a lot of people with your name on FB, might be easier just to look me up - Hollie Aitken, it’s a picture of me and a parrot so super easy to find :slight_smile: