Coast to bay finishing LA June 26th - 9th July 2016


Hi its my first time joining a tour and decided to do it on my own as a birthday present to myself. Im looking at getting in a couple of days before and staying a couple days after. So if anyone is about great to link in beforehand.

Thanks Charlene


Hi there!

My husband and I are also going to be on this tour ending in San Fran!



I was going to end in SF too but flights worked out better back from LA. Where are you both from? When do you get into LA?
I’m so excited for this trip


We’re from Perth Western Australia. What about you?

Ummm not sure when we’re getting to LA yet as we’re driving down the coast before the tour.

So exciting!


I’m from Nottingham in the UK I get in on the 24th June as flying into LA. Sounds like you have a big trip planned


how long you travelling round the US for?


5 weeks in total. 3 on our own and then the tour.

What about you?


I’m 2.5 weeks so mainly the tour. I’m just sorting the little bits out because before I know it the trip will be happening.

apart from the tour what other places you visiting 5 weeks sounds like it could be an amazing trip


We’re doing NY, Niagara, Orlando, Key Largo and San Fran - LA :smiley:


Oh sorry thought I had replied.
Very jealous of your trip sounds amazing. I’ve sorted things like hotels for before and after and now just booking a few things in.
How’s all your planning going?


To anyone joining us on this tour I’ve created a Facebook group as I think it will be easier to chat!

Please join so we can get to know each other before the tour starts. Talk to you soon!

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Top Deck - Coast to the Bay 26th June 2016!