Coast to Bay departing 12th of June-


Is anyone on here going on this Tour?
I am then going on to do the Canadian Rockies tour after.

Cant wait :slight_smile:


Hey I am, super keen


yooo @jackocrazy @Lea I’m on this tour too :slight_smile: flying solo and will be in LA for 5 days prior and SF for 2 days after and then I am off to NYC!


Awesome good call, I saw you messaged the group chat on the App @Inga_Lederhaus, I’ll post a message in there so people slowly find their way on to the board here. Then we can make awesome plans on how to take Vegas for all it’s worth.


Hi, yah i am traveling solo as well glad there will be a few others as well.
have you decided where you are staying the night before the trip?
i fly into LA on the 8th so i have a little bit of time before we leave as well.


I’ve got an apartment in Beverly Hills and I’ll stay there the whole time and just make my way to the departing hotel early morning… I couldn’t be bothered moving accomodations lol


Not long now guys.
soooooooooo EXCITED.
i am staying at a hostel on the same street as the hotel we are leaving from, so its just s short walk away :slight_smile:


Should be fantastic, I’ve gotta get some American dollars for myself. Might end up booking into a hostel as well in the days before, it’ll definitely make things easier to get sorted that early in the morning. Still trying to track everyone else down though - do you guys have any idea how many people are usually on the trips?


There is usually a bus full of people so around 40 ppl.
I did a top deck in Europe a few years ago it was amazing.
I am staying at a hostel just down the road to the hotel we are leaving at its called “PodShare Art District” weird large rooms but the beds are big and you get your own TV haha


Hey! Me and my friend Olivia are doing this tour too! We are heading to LA on Monday and staying in Banana Bungalow hostel until Sunday! We can’t wait for it!! :blush::blush:


Awesome @Sinead_Currie I’m off on Tuesday and staying in Beverly Hills but let me know what banana is like maybe I’ll come check it out and visit would be cool to meet people on the tours too!


Hi @Lea I think we are on the same flight? Virgin leave Perth 1150pm via Sydney 950 departure to land in LA 6am??


Hi :slight_smile: i am leaving from Melbourne but arrive in LA on Wednesday the 6th at 6am . I am staying at the walk of Fame Hostel for the first two nights.Let me know if you want to Catch up. You can add me on facebook, i am easy to find, Lea McNama.


Hi, i fly into LA on Wednesday, Staying in at walk on Fame Hostel.
Cant wait for the tour, what have you got planned while you are in LA?


Hi I’m flying solo on this tour as well :slight_smile: not long now!!! Cant wait


Hi Kate, what day do you get to LA? :blush:


I arrive on Saturday 11th so keen should meet for some drinks on Saturday night. I’m staying at ‘stay on main’ I’m on Facebook I couldn’t find you tho. Kate Morrall


Hi @Lea and @katem I tried to find you both and I’m not 100% sure if it’s you as the name is somewhat common! Maybe you can add me - Inga Lederhaus - should be pretty rare lol!!
I’m staying in Beverly Hills and I have a car although I have to return it Saturday evening but would be keen to do something…


Ok I will try and add you :slight_smile: