Club Tour Spending Money


Hi guys

There are a number of posts/ website recommending spending money amount for euro tours. From previous people who have been on club tours how much did you need per day on average? Will $100 AUD be enough?

Cheers for your help.


Hey Lisa,

I think $100 Aus is sufficient. Some days you spend little, and some days more. I did the summer fun and sailing back in 2008, and spent under $100 per day, and didnt go without on the tour!
Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

We recommend around €50-€60 per day spending money. This is just a rough guideline though, depending on how much shopping you do!


Topdeck Team!


Excellent, thanks for letting me know guys :slight_smile:


Hey Lisa,
I’m doing the Summer fun and sailing in April and I"m planning to take around $2000 with me for the 26 days which works out to be around $1500 Euro (57 Euro per day)…I’ll stick to cheap food but god help me when I shop!! hahaha…hope that helps!

Hope ya enjoy it!


Excellent! Yes shopping can be evil… i think packing lightly is going to be hard!


This sound great and fantastic.
Anyways, I agree with Lisa B on saying that shopping is evil. But we just can’t help it. Lots of good valuables are around.