Clothing List


Hello everybody,
I’ve been looking everywhere on the website for the ‘suggested clothing list’ mentioned but can’t find it. I’m doing the Winter Spirit Tour. Does anyone know where the list is located on the site?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Alexandra,
I think I remember reading something about a suggested clothing list in the Pre-Departure information on the PDF files for the first screen of the tour underneath ‘whats included’ and such… Hope that makes sense and that is where I saw it… I am doing the Winter Getaway so I think I will be packing super warm clothing!!


I’m also interested in finding out! I’ve been looking at average temps for cities and they are very low!!

I’m doing Winter Spirit on Nov 24. What date are you?


hello. Yeah i noticed that too, but it only details optional extras in certain cities. But thank-you for the reply.
i’m doing the Winter Spirit Trip, leaving on December 1st :slight_smile: