Clothing for Europe Tour


Hi All,

My boyfriend and I are just running through some of the clothes we might be taking on our European Pioneer EuroClub tour starting the 3rd June and have a couple of questions if anyone can help!

Firstly, Topdeck suggest taking some ‘smart/casual’ clothing (probably for places like Monaco etc). So my partner was thinking he might take some black pants to look a little dressier. For the shirt, he would usually wear a button up one, but obviously this would definately require ironing. So ideally not the best option, but what else could you wear with nice black pants? Any ideas guys?

Also, I’m just wondering what sort of shoes to wear on a daily basis. Obviously you need very comfy walking ones which would probably be some good runners/joggers. The only thing is that I really only wear those when im exercising (gym, sport etc) and don’t want to look like a complete dag, but I don’t really own any other shoes that would be comfy enough to wear for alot of walking. What are the girls wearing for their daily shoes on tour??



Hi Kristy,

I have bought a pair of Sketchers, they are a comfortable walking shoe that look better than runners/joggers. They can be quite expensive but I picked mine up from the markets for about $60. I’m also going to take a pair of sandals and a dressy pair for going out. Enjoy your tour! :slight_smile:



These seem to be questions many of us have had :slight_smile:
If there is a particular shirt he wants to take you can always take a travel iron, but they do take up a little room. There are also sprays which make wrinkles drop out. Best option is to buy a wrinkle resistant shirt. You can find them online, sorry i cant be more specific :slight_smile:

On the shoes, I’m talking a pair of neutral coloured walking/trainers for my daily wear. I’m trading fashion for comfy walking shoes, something I would never do when not travelling. Ive traveled before and if your not wearing good shoes you will wish you had after two days. Just make sure your shoes match the colour of the clothing your taking, its all a matter of mix and match :).You can always take a light pair of sandals or pumps for a little dressy option but make sure they have a rubber or thick sole so you don’t slip on the cobble streets.

Hope this helps a little



its definitely a good idea to take a nice pair of pants and a shirt, generally if its folded ok you can get most of the creases out by hanging it in the hostel bathroom near steam when youre showering, works quite well!
last time i took kind of hybrid trainers/hiking shoes and they were THE BEST INVESTMENT EVER. i also carried a pair of ballet flats, thongs and heels and honestly i wore the ballet flats maybe once because having the thicker/stronger hiking shoes makes all the difference when youre walking more than a couple hrs a day.
my main advice would probably be to make sure you have at LEAST one nice outfit- before i went on my first tour everybody told me to ditch the fancy stuff but there are lots of opportunities for clubbing/dressing up nicely and it isnt so great if you have nothing to wear! but definitely try to keep away from dry clean only/easily wrinkled stuff.

hope this helps!



You might consider taking a pair of walking sandals like these

One thing to keep in mind is that in summer your feet will swell with the heat and the walking, so if you do buy new shoes, break them in before hand. Otherwise, head to your chemist and buy some Party Feet blister packs. These are clear and the best thing for blisters that I have found.

Stacey :wink: