Clothes to pack for Europe in october & November


hey guys!!
first time traveller just wondering if any people have suggestions on items to pack for Europe in october and November?
any general advice for this time of year would be welcomed also :smiley:


Hey !
I’m going to Oslo in October and I got told by my cousin that the weather can be unpredictable sunny mornings raining afternoons ! so she advised to bring a warm jacket as its quite cool in the evening and waterproof shoes. I’ve googled the avg temp for each place I’m visiting and September October is between 10 to 17 degrees so id say that November would start to get much cooler!
November depending on how far north your going id bring warm ish clothes but if your worried about weight of your luggage maybe long sleeve clothes that are light but warm and you can wear them in layers!


Don’t worry my friend. It’s going to be a great weather in terms of temperature. Maybe few rainy days. Also, it would get kind of chilly at night so don’t forget to take your jacket or cardigan with you!


Take jacket and some warm hoodies for sure, it will serve you good in this time of year in any areas of Europe. If you don’t have it with you, try ordering it here to the destination point and you’ll be good.