Clothes Line



Would anyone recommend taking one of those travel clothes lines (with hooks and suction cups) on a euroclub tour? Is there anywhere to hang your washing up to dry without the risk of it getting stolen? (My underwear is highly sought after…ha ha).



Hi Kristy

I took one with me last time and i never used it! we used the dryers over there as its much more convenient! (but make sure you stay with your clothes cos people will pull them out and dump them so they can use the machine) also there are a lot of bunk beds so we hung stuff over the railings on the bunks if they werent quite dry from the dryer. You could def use the clothes line in some of the bathrooms though.



We take clotheslines whenever we go away as they are just useful for hanging anything. They’re great for drying delicates as I found the dryers in the campgrounds and hostels weren’t particularly friendly to undies and bras (speaking of which - remember to pack a bra bag, good for washing and keeping clean and dirty separated). If you get the twisted camping clothes line, you don’t need any pegs and they are really small so you can shove it in anywhere.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Wooo!! Got a clothesline from my stepmother yesterday. Suction cups and all! Anyone doing the Europe Unplugged May 6-27th is more than welcome to share. :slight_smile:


Just a note to stick with the laundry theme. If you don’t want to do a whole load of wash and just want to wash underwear and socks, take along a flat sink plug. Some hotels and hostels or bathrooms may not have sink plugs. If you have just a few items it will come in handy.