Cllink Hostel


Ok so we are doing the Grand European tour leaving May 24th, and are wanting to stay the night before in the hostel from where the bus leaves from the next morning.

We are told Clink hostel, but when I search for it there seems to be “Clink 78” and “Clink 261” in London…

I’m confused…are these two different hostels?? If so which one does the bus leave from? We don’t want to book the wrong one and miss our tour!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey this was just asked on the topdeck facebook

“Our EuroClub and EuroCamping trips depart from Clink78. However, Clink260 is just a short walk away if you end up at the wrong one!”


hey, had the same prob, but its 78 :slight_smile: