Hiya! I was just wondering if anybody knows about the free city tour that the clink78 hostel provides?

I have seen people mentioning it in previous posts, but I havent been able to find it for myself.

Has anyone else managed to find out if this is true?


They definitely have one. I stayed there about a week ago and there were signs all around the joint advertising it. Totally free tour (doesn’t include admission to places) and leaves at 10am every morning. I can’t tell you exactly where it goes because I didn’t partake but it looked as though it covered the major things eg buckingham palace, etc.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


If its the same one I’m thinking of, its not run by Clink per se. It’s operated by a separate mob who have agreements with the hostels to collect people from the hostel foyers.
I went on one in 09, they collect you from the hostel and you all get the tube to Green Park where you meet up with a bunch of other groups from other hostels then they divy you up between the guides. It started with Buckingham Palace, went to Trafalgar square, then back around to end at Westminster, with a bunch of things to stop and talk about on the way.
It is ‘free’ although they do encourage tips at the end, but it’s a pretty good tour, kills an hr or two, and a worth two or three quid tip.


Hello I’m Younis, i work at Clink78.
we do offer free tours every morning from 10am departing from the hostel.
It’s a walking tour and last around 2 to 3 hours. You should do it, guests love it.
the guide will cover places like: Buckingham Palace, Hyde park Corner, Leceister square, big ben, 10 downing street, the changing of the guard, the house of parliement, the national gallery and much more…
see you soon.