Clink Hostel


Hi Everyone. [br][br]I am staying at the Clink Hostel ( in London from the 16th of May - 20th of May, and possibly going to stay the 24/25th of June. I am travelling alone, and this will be my first visit to the UK and Europe. Is anyone else going to be staying at this hostel around the same time? [br][br]And has anyone else stayed here and got any info on the place, the people and the area?? [br][br]Cheers![br][br]Sam[br][br]--------[br]European Pioneer 2010 20 May - 24 Jun


hey, i am going over to europe around the same time, and im from australia travelling alone. I cant say exactly that i would be at the click hotel at that time. but i am doing a 49 day mega euro trip around june-july. so i would be getting my pre and post accomdation there. ill let you know[br][br]Tiahna


I’ll be staying there for a bit over a week before my 18 July Mega European as well a night after. Looks like it’ll be a nice place to stay from the website. Having a look at the Youtube videos it’s seems really multicultural and people look like they are having a lot of fun, which is great. Can’t wait to stay there.[br][br]Luke


Hey,[br][br]i will also be staying at Clink for 3 nites before my July 11 Mega trip. Seeing as it is my first trip to Europe and i will be on my own i thought it best to start off at a place where you are sure to meet up with travelers from the tour. Cant wait…


I think ill be staying there on 28 may. it looks pretty expensive…$66nz for a dorm?? double what ive paid in hostels before…[br][br]European Getaway 29 May 2010/working in UK after:[br][br]Feel the fear and do it anyway


I will be staying there before and after my mega european tour that leaves in march and comes back in may. Will also be travelling alone


Hey, [br]I will be staying there from 29th April til 7th May and am also travelling alone, anyone else going to be there around then?[br]:slight_smile:


Hi All.[br][br]Im staying at the clik 01 May until 4th May and then again on 8th - 10th June. Anyone else staying on these dates?[br][br]Roman Chariot 04/05/10 - 17/05/10[br]European Horizons 21/05/10 - 08/06/10


just checked out some of the videos on youtube, it looks pretty cool![br][br]--------[br]European Pioneer 2010 20 May - 24 Jun


Hey Folks, [br]I stayed at Clink last year, was fine, bit quieter than the likes of the generator and bar is smaller however your just there to crash and get refreshed in between exploring so no biggy. They took cash at the bar which i found handier than the top up card others use. Was about a slow ten minute walk from Kings Cross st Panc tube. Loads of little shops and that on the walk between them. Just get an oyster card (scanning card for tube and bus) if your in london a few days. [br]Was on my own to but took part in the quiz night in bar and teamed up with couple others so the crowd was good. Showers toilets clean etc power sockets in the dorms. Lockable trays under the beds and also a smaller one in the bunk with. (remember your padlocks guys or buy ones there)[br]I’d Stay there agian.[br][br]Rob


hey im staying there one night on the 27th may before i go on the summer fun and sailing tour! and then the 23rd june before i go home again! Im traveling alone so would be great to find anyone else staying at same time or going on same trip!!!


Hey Jaimie, I should be there 24th and 25th of June at the end of my trip.[br][br]--------[br]European Pioneer 2010 20 May - 24 Jun


Hi myself and a mate are staying on the 24th, 25th, and 26th my name is Trev and my mate is Dave. [br][br]Spirit of Europe July 27th 2010


Hey my boyfriend and i will be there on the 26th, 27th and 28th May just before European Getaway tour. I think it look like a pretty cool place. [br][br][br][br]Jess :o)


I’ll be at Clink from 6-8th July just before my Timeless Trail tour departs


i’ll be staying there from the 30 april - 3 may for the 4th of may spirit of europe tour


Most likely staying here from 5th-8th July.[br][br]European Pioneer: 8th July 2010[br]Britain and Ireland: 14th August 2010[br]


Hi there,[br][br]I’ll be staying at Clink hostel on the 4th of October (before the 5th Oct Spirit of Europe departs). I might also be staying there on the way back for about 4 nights… Still deciding. :)[br][br]I can’t wait, it looks interesting! :slight_smile:


Hi guys[br][br]I’m going to be arriving in London and staying at the Clink on the 23rd and 24th of June before heading off on my Summer Fun and Sailing trip and again for 5 nights after my trip 20th-25th of July.[br][br]Hopefully some of you will be there at the same time, I’m traveling on my own and am quite nervous![br][br]Georgia :slight_smile:


Hey I’ll be staying there on the 20th May cos that’s when my European Getaway tour finishes.
I’m travelling by myself so would be great to hang with some people when I get there (mind you should know the tour pretty well by then!)