Clink Hostel Bar


Hi there,

Is anyone able to tell me whether the bar at The Clink Hostel is only for the people staying there or whether it’s open for everyone?
I’d love to meet some people in London before my tour and the Clink would be the perfect place because most Top Deckers stay there before the tours depart, but as I’m not staying there, I don’t know whether I’ll be allowed in or not.
Please help.

Thanks heaps,
Matt :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure anyone is allowed in the bar. I am staying at clink. When is your trip?


Hey Sarah, I really hope everyone is allowed in.
I’m going on the Grand European on the 5th of April. Only 2 weeks and 5 days until I fly out, can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hey I travelling by myself and will be staying at Clink for 4 days before me tour so I will be there from the 25th - 28th July. If anyone is going to be there the same time as me let me know. But Matt I am pretty sure someone told me anyone is allowed in.


I’ll be staying at Clink78 from the 20th - 24th July before departing for my tour. I’ll just miss you by one day Tegan :frowning: