Clink 78 Luggage Facilities


Hi all,
Does anyone know how luggage storage works at this hostel?
I believe there’s a free luggage room and a secure locker?
Is this correct?


I would also like to know too! Their website says check in time is 2.30pm but we can leave our suitcases/backpacks in the free luggage room. How secure is this? I would like to arrive to London earlier in the day, drop off my suitcase then do some sightseeing before checking in before evening. Would anyone suggest a cable/cycle chain lock for security?


Nicky, Apparently there’s a free room and secured lockers?!
I’m planning exactly the same thing as you (my flight comes in at 6.30AM) :smiley:


Hi guys,

I stayed at Clink78 a couple of times within the last 2 months before my Topdeck tours. I cant comment on the secure lockers because I didnt know about them, but there is a luggage room you can leave your stuff. Although the room is locked & you have to request the key from reception, its not exactly secure because anyone can just get the key for the room. The room is pretty big & each time I had to go in there it was pretty full. I think there are lockers too although if they are the ones I am thinking of, they arent really big enough for large bags - probably more for day packs/valuables etc.