Clink 78 Hostel London


Hello there,

I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Camille and I am the Reservations Manager at Clink78.

As I have been reading some of your reviews on the TopDeck forum, and I have noticed some not so complimentary reviews, so IÂ’d like to take this opportunity to address these issues to try and change all of your minds about Clink78.

I have noticed that many of you say that you donÂ’t want to stay at Clink78, but I canÂ’t seem to find out the reasons why you donÂ’t want to stay at Clink78. Is it the building, or the staff, or the location? It would really be helpful for us to know, so that we can make the changes that we need to; and get you guys staying with us again and showing you that we are a great hostel.

WeÂ’ve especially adapted our procedures for TopDeck such as offering an early breakfast for you TopDeckers on the day of your tour departure (… we wouldnÂ’t want to go hungry now would we?); easy check in ( fill in our reg. cards on the bus to make the process a lot quicker) and most importantly … discount in our bar! What more could you ask for …? Oh wait … there is more! Friendly staff who welcome you with open arms, (especially post tour when you all come in excited but exhausted); locker and luggage facilities, internet courtroom, TV room and a Travelshop ( to buy back all of those products that you left behind …)

It seemed, from some of the earlier reviews that security was a concern for TopDeck guests and we now have small lock boxes in all dorm beds, secure lockers in the courtroom, CCTV, keycard access to rooms and the hostel, as well as a security team.
So you see, we took note of your feedback and acted upon it.

We have had many good reviews on Hostelworld and Hostelbookers and our ratings speak for themselves, so feel free to have a look.

WeÂ’d just like you all to know that we always try our best to keep TopDeck guests happy but we need more guidance from you as to where we are perhaps going wrong.

Of course from time to time we get complaints, IÂ’m not denying that, but the majority of our guests are extremely happy with the service we provide and we really want you to be too.

So, come on guys give us a chance and book yourself into Clink78, and let us show you that you can have fun, we are a great hostel and that we will live up to your expectations. :slight_smile:


Hi Camille,

I plan on staying with you guys for a couple of days in April & then again for 8 days in June, looking forward to it!!

:-* Bec


Hi Camille
Great to here i will be staying with you 2 nights before i leave and 1 night when i get back see you on the 17th may


Hi Camille,

That is great news. I will be staying with you for 1 night on May 12th. I cant wait.
Bring on April


I have not stayed here but from what I have read off reviews I found the following:

The showers are either freezing cold, or scolding hot and on some sort of timer thing.

Rooms are very tiny and no Ventilation eg. causing horrible smells throughout the room/hostel

Security was an issue with things going missing.


Dear Kirstyfly,

My name is Camille and I am the Reservations Manager at Clink78. Thanks you for leaving your feedback on the TopDeck forum. I wanted to take the opportunity to address the points the raised, as you have said that you have not stayed with us before, and I wouldnÂ’t want you to make this decision purely on what you have read from other peopleÂ’s opinions. Although I work in the hostel, I stay here regularly in the capacity of a customer to ensure that what I experience is what you experience, so I completely understand what you mean regarding the showers. Sometimes they are cold, sometimes they are hot but I have realised that it is the level that you place the temperature adjustor on. It isnÂ’t on a timer, as I myself thought at some stage. Since I have figured this out, my showers at Clink78 are really good Â… a definite power shower!

Regarding the rooms and ventilation, you are again 100% correct. Some of our rooms are small. As we are situated in an old courthouse, we have had to get creative with the rooms but what we lack in size we definitely make up for in other areas ? WeÂ’ve got a very spacious TV room, bar area, dining area etc and weÂ’d love to have the opportunity to show you that ours rooms are not too bad, as you might be thinking. Ventilation is our priority and we really working towards making the rooms as comfortable as possible.

Regarding security, I must admit I have to disagree with you on this one. IÂ’ve been backpacking around the world, and when you are staying with strangers no one can guarantee that things wonÂ’t go missing; however Clink78 have made precautions by offering each guest a complimentary safety box above each bed; you have a choice of free lockers (just bring your own padlock) or secure lockers which you pay for ( very reasonable price though, must admit); Security guards at night; CCTV and we work closely with the police as we adopt a zero tolerance theft policy at the hostel. If you get caught stealing, you are out of here Â…. No questions asked.

Well, I hope I have been able to change your mind regarding staying with us and weÂ’d love to be given the opportunity to show you what a wonderful hostel we have here and how much we do have to offer our TopDeck guestÂ’s.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


Have booked here to stay the last night of my tour so you later on in the year.


I was at the Clink for one night this past summer and it wasn’t bad but few things should be fixed I think. When I was given directions, they were so ridiculously confusing I was a little annoyed. I am a person who has a good sense of direction and is good at following directions. The directions say to turn down this one street so I did (little did I know that the name of the road was really close to the one I was supposed to go down but not quite) and then was told to look for a travelodge. Which I found. So I though I was good. Found the Clink, walked, then found out that it was not the Clink that I was supposed to be at. Never followed directions that were wrong to a place that was either named the same or was related somehow! Little bit frustrating when you are walking from Kings’s Cross Station with a 40lb pack on your back in the middle of summer! Also, when I booked, I booked a room with all girls. When I got there, there was definitely at least one guy in the room. Not a big deal really but not what I had expected so a little disappointing. The room was ridiculously hot so had I not been exhausted from being awake for 36 hours, I would not have slept. Those are the only things I can think of that need to be improved. Overall it was a good hostel, clean beds and clear instructions. Friendly staff for sure! The early morning breaky was definitely most appreciated!


Reply from Clink78:Dear Nifer, thanks for giving us your feedback and for complimenting our staff and breakfast, the two things we pride ourselves on the most! Sorry that you were given unclear directions, I suppose we can all take it for granted that we find it easy to find our hostel, so giving directions that are not clear enough from our side is not on. IÂ’ll definitely look into it and make sure we spot check all the staff again regarding giving clear and precise directions to guests. Regarding their being a male in the female dorm, for us it is a big deal as we donÂ’t like hearing our guests are disappointed and take all of your safety and preferences into account. My apologies for these not being met. I really hope you stay with us again soon though! Clink78 Team


Hi guys

i stayed at the clink late last year for 3 nights before my tour and 5 nights after the tour. It was great! Yes the rooms are on the small side, but thats typical London and they can get very hot, but you can hire fans from reception and it made it quite nice after that!

The location was excellent, there were heaps of little places to eat and bars around Kings Cross, The rooms were very clean, especially the bathrooms!! The linnen supplied was very clean and i had no problems using it as at. We were on the 3rd floor and we didnt have any noise problems. The bar area was heaps of fun, we met soooo many people and ended up hanging out with them most nights. Oh and while we were there, there were NO problems with security. Everyone had their own locker (you can rent a padlock if you forget one) and there were no dramas! Just be practical, dont leave valubles lying around the place.

the staff were really friendly and helpful, they helped us get a private transfer to the airport at some early ridiculous hour of the morning. Breakfast was good too, cereal, toast, juice, etc and when youre on a budget, it certainly helps!!

I am coming back to London later this year and have already booked to stay at the Clink again.



I am booked to stay at Clink78 in Feb and I can’t wait!! Have heard great things!!


Hi there,

I have stayed at your facility on multiple occasions - I have found it to be reasonably close to the tube lines, lots of cheap eats near-by, clean sheets, good free breakfast, exceptionally helpful staff, very safety conscious and most importantly clean bathrooms! Overall I’m always happy there and its a pleasant experience.

The negatives to me are the following:

  • The internet is rather expensive (I used to walk down the road to Starbucks and tap into their wifi just to save money). Free wifi is a common service provided in many hostels and I feel either your prices should be lowered or wifi included in your price.

  • I once booked for a 4 bedded room (thinking it would be better as there would be less people and more room for my things). I couldn’t have been more wrong!!! It was in the basement (where I think the bar (or party room???) used to be people drinking and being loud at all hours of the night. The room was as wide as the two beds and had a sink behind the door (so we lost a lot of room with that). There were two other girls in the room and their 2 suitcases could barely fit on the floor, let alone mine. Thankfully I was on the top bunk and no one was on the other top bunk so I moved everything the the other top bunk to store my bags. I understand it used to be an old court house and some rooms are just small, but I would have been a lot happier in a 12 bedded room where I could actually put my belongings on the ground and would have saved a lot of money! Perhaps you should make it clearer about the actual sizes of your room? Just a thought

Asides from that - I would recommend the Clink and I’ll see you again in March!


To Clink78,
I was just wondering what time check in is? I am planning to arrive early and use the day to explore London, however i don’t want to be hauling my suitcase around.


Hey Camille

Can you please clarify about the security options?

I know you have a little box above the bed for passports etc which is great. Im just wondering about if I go out during the day with my day pack where do you put the big travel pack?

Does it get locked in a safe which is big enough to hold a standard travel pack? Or do you leave it in your room and hope the other people you are bunking with remember to lock the door at night/durng day and/or not rip you off and take your stuff?

Also what time is check in everyone seems to ask but no one gives an actual time?

Thanks heaps !


Are sleeping bags needed at Clink?
I’m planning to stay the night before I go on the European Pioneer Tour. So 30th May 2012 planning to book in.
On another note do you have one in Athens?


Ditto on Bex’s question also for locking up packs


I’m gonna be at the Clink just before the 31st May European Pioneer tout to Ninja82, will be good to meet before we head off and no doubt have a few drinks :slight_smile:


Hi Doona
So you’re booked for the European Pioneer too? Great. There’s 3 other girls plus myself also. We’ve been emailing & joined on FB. PM me your email and I’ll add you to the list for future comminication between now and then. We will be planning to get together in London pre tour and go explore London. Some are booked at Clink from 27/28th May and couple of us staying with mates but then checking into the clink the night prior to departure, so will defo all be together night before and on tour :slight_smile:


Still waiting for the Clink team to answer Tobi, Bex & myself on our queires…


I staying at your hostel on the 4th of june and two days after my Mega Eroupe trip in July I’m hoping to have a great experience as I have not stayed in a hostel before any tips I need to know about in places like this