Classic European


Hi, just booked for classic European August 2-16. I’ll be travelling from Sydney Australia. Is there anyone else going on these dates? I start in London and finish in Rome. I’m very excited can’t wait to meet everyone who will be doing this trip.


I am doing the same tour :slight_smile:️ So excited!


Oh my god I’m so excited. Where are you from? (Live in)?


I live in Brisbane :slight_smile: where are you from? When are you heading over?


I live in Sydney. I’m doing the tour from August 2-16. I start in London and finish in Rome. I’ll be in London about 2 days before it starts. You?


I arrive in London on the 1st. Are you staying in Rome for any extra days?


Yes i am on this tour as well, but i will be meeting you all in Paris on the first day :slight_smile:
I am from Perth, cant wait to meet use!


I arrive in London on the 30th July. I’m going to stay with friends in Rome for an extra week.


Can’t wait to meet you too :blush:


Awesome! It’s coming around so quick :grin:


How exciting! Can’t wait to meet you! :smile:


Hi Guys, unfortunately I’ve had to cancel my trip. I’m so upset but there was nothing I could do about it. I’m really upset I won’t get to meet you but I hope you have a great time on your trip. Enjoy :earth_africa: :blush:


Oh no! That’s so sad!
I only just logged on here! Hopefully you can do another one soon!