Classic Europe departing August 30th 2016


Hi guys!!

I’m booked in for this years Classic Europe 30th August. This will be part of my first solo trip (from Brissy/Sydney, Australia) overseas and I’d love to chat to anyone else who is going or who has been!? :smiley:

Hope to hear from you!





I am currently planning out a European solo trip starting in January and this is also my first time. I am super keen, send me a message about how it goes, how your planning is going etc. I am from Sydney Australia also and I would love to know how the solo travel goes. :smile:



Hey Liv

That sounds very exciting! I’ll definitely let you know how it goes :slight_smile: I’m super excited for my trip as well. It’s a short 15 day trip, but it’s all part of a much bigger holiday/working trip that I have planned for a whole year.

So far I leave for England in about 2 months and I’m nervous all hell because I’m leaving a lot behind, but I’m excited all the same. Now I just need to purchase a few more things incl. insurance, travel equip, etc. and get my visa sorted and I’ll be ready to go!

My best advice so far would be to plan ahead and start booking well ahead! I started planning things about 4 months in advance, but I wish I knew I wanted to do this earlier! I feel like i’d be less stressed now if I had!

Anyway, I shall keep you updated and let you know how it all goes!




That is so awesome, keep updated. Have fun



Hi guys! Im thinking of doing this!
How was it? Was it rushed? did you guys have enough time to do everything?
Were there a lot of solo travellers? how big was the age gap. Im looking at doing this on my own next year and I’m so concerned ill be the youngest and by myself. (19- turning 20 by then)

Thanks in advance!


Hi Soph

I loved it…some people think it’s rushed but for me it was perfect…you get a tatse of everywhere. Know where you want to come back to visit and you find out where you don’t have to visit again! I think I only felt rushed once :slight_smile:

For the first 15 days, we were all solo travellers. There wasn’t that big of an age gap. There were plenty of youngens and a couple of oldies hehe (not actually old 30’s but we liked to take the mickey).

Anywa, it was wonderful!! You should do it. I loved it :smiley:



Hi Rhyahn, I am doing this tour this September, just wondering if you could tell me a bit about getting home. Did you have to get a flight from rome back to london, then home? Thanks!