Classic Europe- 28th June


Hi Guys,

I just booked the Classic Europe Tour for the 28th of June for 15 days with a friend of mine… both travelling from Sydney. Wondering if anyone else has locked in the same tour?

Not long to gooo!!!



Hey Juliana,

I’m just booked on the 28th of June too. But I’m going to Ibiza before hand for four nights. You going straight to the tour.

I’m travelling alone. Do you where are we leaving from in London?

Sam, Melbourne


Hey Sam and Julianna,

My friend and I have booked for the 28th June! Getting very excited for it.


Hi Girls…

We will be going to London for 5 days beforehand and then then Greek Islands and Rome again after the tour! 3 weeks to goooo! Interested to see who is travelling with us!!!


Hey :slight_smile:
My friend Melissa and I are also booked on this tour, we so excited and keen to meet all of you :slight_smile: Do any of you have facebook :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Amber… awesome!! You girls coming from South Africa? I do have facebook… I actually wrote a post on the Facebook wall to see if anyone else is joining our trip… look through the wall and add me there… :slight_smile:


Hi everyone:) My name is Sohye Park and I also booked Classic Europe program on 28 June with my friends- Ina, Saenanseul(Laura or Nanseul is fine) and Ha-jung(Sophie). We are going to go London 1 day before the tour and remain in Rome one day after the tour. I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys!! BTW, if you don’t mind I wanna contact you on facebook in advance. This is my address: I think other 3 friends can contact you througn my facebook. Have a nice day~!


Hey guys

My sister and I are both going on this tour. We’re staying at the clink for 2 nights beforehand, then after the tour in rome for another day then heading down to Greece! Cant wait to meet you all! ;D
We should definitely get a facebook group going!



Sounds fantastic! My friend and I are going to Greece right after the trip aswell… we fly out on the day our tour finishes… heading there for a couple of days… then back to Rome afterwards. Starting off in London for 5 days before the tour starts!

Where is everyone from? The Facebook group sounds great… ;D


Just a couple more days :slight_smile: :slight_smile: