Classic Europe 2017 (18 April - 2 May)


Hello Everybody :slight_smile: I am from South Africa, and this will be my first trip overseas (and as a solo traveler). I am curious if anybody has booked this trip as well? Tooooo excited


Hi! I’m from Australia and also traveling solo, very excited, not long to go… :smiley:


Hello Dayna,

:slight_smile: Yeay, it is great news!! I’ m also so excited and I am glad to know that I will not be the only solo traveler on the trip. I think the trip is going to be amazing and I am looking forward to meet everyone.


Hey guys,
I’m from New Zealand and I’m a solo traveller as well, I’m really excited to do this trip



Hi, I’m from Australia and travelling solo too. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile: When is everyone arriving in London?


I’ll be arriving by the 16th of April


I arrive on the 15th of April :slight_smile:


That’s great :slightly_smiling_face: I fly in on the morning of the 15th April and staying at Wombats. Is anyone else staying there?


Can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:
I’m so excited - only 86 days to go haha (according to the Topdeck App). I arrive in Paris on the 17th of April, and will meet everyone on the 18th afternoon in Paris.


Hey Tiahna,
I’ll be there in Wombat’s by 16th Evening.


Hi Nivedita, hopefully we’ll get to meet up at Wombats before the tour starts :slightly_smiling_face:


Also at the wombats on the 16th :slight_smile: look forward to meeting you both!


Is anyone doing the optional activities? I’m really keen to do the Jungfrau excursion


Hello Nivedita!! Yes, I am also very keen to do the Jungfrau excursion. I think it will be an amazing experience - and while we are there, why not??!! :wink:


Hi Nivedita,

I would also love to do the Jungfrau excursion.

Not long now :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve started packing and my suitcase is full already! Are you taking any thick coats or jumpers?


Yep also looking at doing it as well, don’t think I have the guts to do the skydiving :stuck_out_tongue:

Also started packing! Jackets and jumpers don’t really fit in my bag though so thinking of buying them up there…


Hi all, so ill be heading into London early on Saturday morning.

Was wondering if anyone was wanting to meet for a drink that night to get a head start on the “making friends” part for us solo travelers haha, if so feel free to add me on facebook and message me, full name is Dayna Liberato :slight_smile: see you all soon !


Hi Dayna, that sounds great! Unfortunately I won’t be able to catch up on Saturday night, but I am free on Sunday night if suitable? I’ll add you on Facebook :slightly_smiling_face: