City South and Outback tour



I’m thinking about doing this tour in April this year. Anyone else lookin’ at doing it?

Kate :slight_smile:


Hei Kate!

Yeah, i have just booked for the City, South & Outback starting 24th April, leaving Melbourne?! what dates where you thinking of doing? i’m going solo, no stranger to tours, though have not experienced top deck yet. Coming from UK…Can’t wait! :slight_smile:



I’m thinking about booking on Monday for the one starting on the 21st April from Alice Springs. But if you’re doing that trip I might go on your one!! - I’m also going on my own. What are you plans for after the tour since it finishes in Alice?

Kate :slight_smile:


I’m only on 3 week holiday from the UK from the 17th April, I start in sydney visiting a couple of aussies i met last year, then heading on a flight to melbourne on the 23rd to start the tour on the 24th. I go back to UK on the 7th May. As soon as the tour ends in Alice Springs i go back to Sydney…if you want i can give you my facebook link? i always go solo cos you met so many likeminded travellers!! How long are you travelling for?


Oh that’s pretty cool. I have to do the tour that starts on the 21st cos it fits best with my uni mid-term break. I’m only away for two weeks - I only live in NZ, Aus isn’t that far to go :slight_smile:

Here’s my facebook

If I go on the 21st one going the opposite way - i think that means we will cross paths at some point. That’s pretty cool. :slight_smile: