Christmas - winter getaway


Hi, booked the winter getaway leaving the 18th dec - so excited :). will be in rome on christmas day, was just wondering what sites we will be able to see as been googling and many say there closed. do topdeck have anything planned?


Yay we are on the same tour!! ;D iv been wondering the same thing!


I called topdeck they said, we will do the colusseum and that the day before because its all closed on 25th and i doupt we will go to the vatican museum because that will be closed to.


18th of December? Nah I’d go on the 20th, too bad were not on the same flight.


Nevertheless, it is likewise important to take reminder that getaways in winter can hurriedly … Nothing to get a hold into the the doldrums of Christmas well again than with the purpose of.


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