Christmas/NYE Trips 2017/2018


Hi Everyone,

All the Christmas / NYE trips will be released in april (I have found out from TD cust. Service) are they any better than a standard tour - if you’ve done one before or plan on doing one thoughts are most welcome :slight_smile: keen on this.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I have booked the Christmas New Year tour in Europe 2017 / 2018


I couldn’t see an xmas/ny specifically. Was told they’re due out in april though. I had thought just to book a normal tour that runs over that time… what tour did you book on? / have you been there before?


Hey :slight_smile:
Just a small note, I have seen some Xmas/NYE tours, but I have noticed that the normal tours that run over those dates are guaranteed departures. I’m booked for this year’s Winter Express for NYE in Switzerland, no NYE updates yet but will let you know about any that are brought up closer to departure.
I hope that helps,


If you have someone who you know lives in NY, you should contact, even if you guys are not close. In that way, it won’t be a standard tour but more fun and local friend would introduce real NY