Checking in with the Top Deck


When will you fix the app ?, I try to check in online for my trip , but it won’t work , don’t bother contacting Top Deck , they don’t care , I don’t think they care enough to do something about it , I’ve already sent 2 emails to Top Deck . never heard back from them , don’t bother to contact then via the app it doesn’t work


What issues are you having with the app? I have been communicating regularly with people from my group for months without issue.

Also, have you tried calling/using the chat option on the website. Answers will be a lot faster.


1, you can’t ask for help from Top Deck for Help via , 2, if you do get through to top deck they won’t reply , 3 , my top deck tour info hasn’t been downloaded to the app


Hello Josh,

I am sorry to hear that you have been having issues with the app and apologies that we missed your email. We would like to investigate this issue further, so I will get in contact with you in person via email.

Thank you,
Web Support Team