Cheapest flights?


hey, I am doing the 36 European pioneer tour in June. was wondering how you find the cheapest flights and travel insurance could anyone recommended any? thanks


Hi if you’re a student at all or under 26 you can go to a travel agency called sta- Student travel association and they help you to find cheap flights and my travel insurance through them for 14 days was only about $120 and gives you heaps of cover. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Book your air tickets before 2-3 months. Try to travel at off-season. Book your ticket from online travelling websites like Expedia, Cheap-o-air, Flytime travel, Top deck travel etc.


Travel insurance direct is a great affordable travel insurance company… world expo was last wkend and flights were reasonably cheap. maybe check with a travel agent or if you want to do yourself check all major airlines.


Book your ticket before 3-4 month and get cheapest airfare.


There are lots of ways for book air-tickets such as e-ticket, travel agents, Airlines website, Airport etc. But E-ticket is a best way to get cheap air-tickets. Several websites book air-tickets on Internet such as , etc.


If your booking with a low cost carrier, make sure to add all the optional extras in: Taxes, Baggage fees, Credit Card fees that aren’t always shown until you book the flight. Also be aware a lot of low cost carriers fly to airports a long way from the city you are intending to go to, so add in the cost of travel to the city centre


Book your tickets before 3 to 4 months and going in off season.


Normally, booking flights in 1 or 2 months advance will help you to find the best and low prices.


You can Book your tickets before 3 to 4 months for the concession.


For cheap flights always book 3-4 months before. It’s the best.


Search your flight ticket booking in incognito mode, plan your trip and try to book to flight tickets at least 8-10 weeks in advance.


If you book your tickets before 3 to 4 months. Then you can get more concession.


If you want the best deal on flight ticket then you can book ticket before 3 to 4 month.


Very helpful reply.